Huawei helps du deploy 400G optical transfer network

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Huawei helps du deploy 400G optical transfer network

Dubai-based telecom operator du and infrastructure specialist Huawei have jointly deployed a 400G OTN (optical transfer network) - the first of its kind in the MEA region - the two companies announced this week.

The operator said that the deployment was in a response to the growth of its data centre and mobile video services, which had begun to challenge its OTN transport network. In response, du worked with Huawei to deploy the 400G OTN, which will manage large amounts of data at the operator's core data centre in Khazna.

This new network has the capabilities to bear ultra-broadband requirements for du to expand its service development and transmission capabilities for numerous data centre and mobile video services, as well as enhance the end user experience with high-speed video competence. In addition, the 400G OTN network will manage du's transformation on data centre requirements for the next three to five years, du said.

The introduction of 400G OTN into du's backbone network gives it the opportunity to take optical networks to the next level of capacity, performance and speed. This supports the operator in meeting future broadband network demands and improves speed, capacity, density, efficiency and reach over the optical networks.

"The increasing traffic from mobile broadband and video services greatly impacts our bearer networks. This joint effort with Huawei will maximise du's network capacity and improve our investment efficiency to meet the service bearing requirements between data centers. This milestone signifies our entrance into the 400G era," said Jasim Al Awadi, vice president of Network Infrastructure and Services, du.

As a result of the deployment, du customers will experience higher speeds and performance. In addition, du will have a longer reach and improved performance to expand and upgrade its core networks and subsequently meet the growing demand for high-bandwidth services. On the other hand, du will also be able to take advantage of new opportunities, such as storage area networks, cloud computing and data centre interconnection.

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