Saudi’s Mobily opens data centre in Unaizah

آى تي بي نت 2015-09-13 18:54 734
Saudis Mobily opens data centre in Unaizah

Saudi-based Mobily (Etihad Etisalat) has opened a 1,100-sqm data centre in Unaizah in the Al Qassim region, 330km north of Riyadh, the company announced.

Mobily said 440 sqm would be set aside for housing current ICT infrastructure, with the remaining 660 sqm reserved for future expansion.

Engineer Essam Al Jubair, senior chief, Facility Department, opened the centre, accompanied by Eng Mohammed Al Badrani, SD Manager, FTTH Service Delivery; Mohamed Al Shammari, lead officer, Retail Sales; and a number of senior company executives. 

According to Mobily, the Unaizah data centre was designed against Tier II-topology requirements, with "a measured infrastructure availability of 99.90% as per Uptime Institute [standards].

"The data centre in Unaizah is considered one of the most promising centres where Mobily can expand its support for customers by providing an appropriate investment that goes online with population, commercial and industrial growth both locally and globally," Mobily said in a statement.

Engineer Essam Al Jubair said the inauguration of the facility is "a milestone [in] illustrating Mobily's plans to develop and diversify its products and services in line with the expectations of its subscribers".


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